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Immortals Review

  Movie Maniacs rating:
  2 and a half stars
  Rating: 15
  Release Date: 11/11/2011  

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy


By Ryan Casey


Greek mythology gets yet another makeover in Tarsem Sing’s Immortals. This latest fantasy epic is brought to us from the producers of ‘300’ and the similarities are easily recognisable, though whether Immortals quite matched up to Gerard Butler’s horde of rampaging testosterone is yet to be seen.


The evil King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) is on a campaign of merciless destruction through Greece as he seeks the Epirus bow, a weapon that will grant him the power to unleash the Titans and conquer the world.

Humanities last hope comes in the form of a mortal peasant called Theseus (Henry Cavill), to whom Zeus (Luke Evans) himself has chosen to lead the fight against Hyperion’s blood thirsty army. However, with the imminent threat of the Titans, Zeus could be forced to take more drastic measures to ensure light triumphs over darkness.


ryan rants

It is extremely difficult not to compare Immortals with ‘300’ as both films have a very similar style. Immortals is visually stunning film but lacks the punch of ‘300’.

One aspect of Immortals which really irritated me was the Minotaur, which wasn’t obviously a Minotaur until right at the end when the story is carved out for us in a greek statue. The reason for this deception is you are presented with an ordinary bloke, wearing a barbed wire bull helmet that does very little but bash in some bollocks and make grunting noises that sound like he is desperate for a laxative.

Mickey Rourke puts in a fantastic performance as King Hyperion. However, the same cannot be said for the rest of the cast. Forget immortal, the majority of the Gods and nearly all of the human characters fail to deliver anything remotely memorable in their performances. Immortals is littered with mediocre acting that never successfully grasps the on-screen intensity necessary for the movies epic subject matter.

On a positive note; the fight scenes in Immortals are as gruesome as they are satisfying. It’s unfortunate that these sequences of genuine entertainment are suffocated by countless slow paced scenes that are often misguided and misplaced. Even when the fighting is present it shadows in comparison to any screen time with Mickey Rourke. The vision of the Gods and the Titans put forward in Immortals is interesting, and this certainly gives the movie a refreshing uniqueness.

Immortals by definition means beings that cannot die, regrettably, this movie will be dead in my mind by next Tuesday.  Although memorable wouldn’t be a word I could associate with Immortals, there are some genuinely cool aspects to the movie and it that does have its moments.

2.5 Stars out of 5.







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