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Inbetweeners Review

  Movie Maniacs rating:
  Rating 3 Stars
  Rating: 15
  Release Date: 17/08/2011  

Genre: Comedy


By Simon Jago


As a big fan of the TV series 'Inbetweeners', I was interested to see how a movie of the show would pan out. Not being completely satisfied with previous comedy show movie adaptations such as 'Kevin & Perry Go Large' and 'Ali G Indahouse' , I wasn't expecting anything mind blowing. However, after seeing the first trailer I must admit it had me excited and there were key bits that did make me laugh. Although, I did think that maybe, it would be a case of the best bits being shown in the trailer, and despite some great moments in the film, this was pretty much the case.


The film follows on from the end of the TV series. The lovable characters; Will (Simon Bird), Simon (Joe Thomas), Jay (James Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison) are finishing school and are looking foward to the rest of their lives. Simon is dumped by his girlfriend Carly leaving him heartbroken, Jay's grandfather passes away and so the gang come up with the idea of going on holiday to Malia, Greece for an amazing two week getaway. As you can imagine from the moment the boys arrive at the airport things start going wrong, and usually with hilarious consequences. Following the four on their journey of independence it soon leads them on a booze fuelled adventure filled with as Jay puts it 'sun, sea, booze, minge, fanny and sex.'


Simons Satisfied
This movie had some extremely funny moments and some of the events that take place are almost too true to be funny. This movie captured the lads holiday perfectly, and I found it almost biographical of my own experiences. This gave me a real nostalgia and connectivity to the characters and situations. I'd say towards the end the film takes an all too familiar trip down 'Hollywood happy ending' and this is slightly cringing in places but the first half of the film really chucks you into the hilarity of the boys' experiences of being on holiday for the first time. However, after watching the TV series the film does seem a touch 'toned down', so if you're expecting pure profanaties and funny filth then you might find it slightly disappointing in comparison. However, I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing.


For anyone who has been on a booze holiday to a Club 18-30 resort this is a must see film. However, I think without your own experiences some of the humour might be lost, but there is still enough in the film to make it an entertaining watch. A funny 3 stars out of 5.







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