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The Fighter Review

  Movie Maniacs rating:
  Rating 4 Stars
  Rating: 15
  Release Date: 02/02/2011  


Biography, Drama, Sport



By Simon Jago


Straight away The Fighter packs a punch with heavy hitters Mark Wahlberg & Christian Bale playing the lead roles. Based on a true story, both performances are outstanding, really bringing to life onscreen, the tale of boxing brothers Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund. This is a film with real grit and with regards to expectations, was a real knockout (last boxing pun I promise).

The story follows Wahlberg's character, Micky Ward and his 'Rocky' style rise to success. However, his career struggles in the shadow of his brother, and trainer's infamous past. Known as 'The Pride of Lowell (Massachusetts)' Dicky Ekland Jr's claim to fame was a 1978 boxing match against Sugar Ray Leonard. A match in which Ekland controversially knocked down Leonard, although ultimately lost the match. Time has taken it's toll on Ekland as he is an unrealible junkie who's high on drugs half the time, and gloating about his mediocre career the rest of it.

It's clear that Eklund is holding Micky back, and serious tension arises as Eklund's drug habits lead to his eventual arrest and imprisonment. Although it's not long before Mickey starts to realise that despite his unrealiable and destructive nature, he actually has the best advice and training to offer and Mickey needs his help to win.

This film is really brought to life by it's cast. The tension and upset between the people in Mickey's life is played with raw and gritty emotion. Bale's performance as drug induced Dicky Ekland is mesmerising and sadly so good that it under values Wahlberg's solid acting as Mickey, the centre piece of the story. An extremely entertaining and moving film about loyalty and family values, brought to life by superb acting and great story telling.

The Fighter feels like the real life 'Rocky' story and is a real heavyweight contender for one of the best sporting movies of all time (Ok I lied, that's really the last boxing pun). 4 stars out of 5.







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